Friday, 30 December 2016

Hi all
getting in before the new year data panic brings the internet to it's knees for a while, here is the final update of the year...
first off, many thanks to everyone who bought merry6mas2016 - it was sold out within a week and the first time a merry6mas has done that in a few years (copies of last years still left on bandcamp...) - and thanks again to Mark Prestage for the wonderful linocut sleeve print
It's been a good year for Y6 all round in my opinion.... a few live shows in such places as Nottingham, Tincques, Lille, Troyes, Nottingham again and Wolverhampton (live videos on facebook if you search the Yellow6 page)
Releases wise, i did the springsun EP which looked pretty but was a lesson in marketing, as an EP at the same price as an album isn't really a good proposition, however pretty it looks (part silvered discs are expensive to make!).... this was followed by another sell out of Burn Again, with David Newlyn.
all of these are available digitally, and the last few copies of No Memories, Only Photographs and Closer To The Sea Without Moving are available on Bandcamp.

I also did my first interview in many years with the recently relaunched - well worth a visit and maybe to read what i have to say as well :

so, many thanks again for your support and for listening to my creations.

as for 2017, there are plans.  as we all know, plans can change, but currently i am working towards a CD for Sound In Silence, a lathe cut for Champion Version (and a live show at the Token Victory event in London), a remix for Carta,  track Seal Beach (Bass) on Live for UNICEF compilation LP, CTY6 collaboration with Chasing Tornadoes and who knows what else....
open to offers for live shows in the UK Midlands, or within a couple of hours drive of home (anywhere from London to Manchester) or further at weekends....

i wish you all a happy and healthy 2017 

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