Friday, 14 May 2010


this is what the nice people at Boomkat had to say about CUT... in stores NOW (if you can find a store) and copies with bonus CD still available here....

A momentous tenth album in the Yellow6 discography, Cut offers a new nine-track selection of works from Jon Attwood, who largely plays out the entire record by himself, layering delicate strands of Robin Guthrie-influenced guitar, one upon another. There is a little outsider intervention: Dave Collingwood of Gravenhurst lends a hand with drums on 'Diagnosis (Two) and Mark Beazley of Rothko (another big influence on Attwood, you'd suspect) is on hand to master the album, but the tone of the record is generally that of a real loner opus. For the title track (which, incidentally, is brilliantly reconfigured as a piano piece later on in the album's sequence), Attwood traipses through gossamer guitar arpeggios and Twin Peaks-like cinematic tremolo leads, all building up to a gorgeous and deeply resonant piece of slow-core post-rock. Another of Attwood's finest moments comes with the gently panoramic 'If You See Something, Say Something (Third Version)', whose title seems to be a cumbersome approximation of something Roy Walker used to say on Catchphrase. Here, guitars thread loosely together in the most beautiful fashion, while minuscule, crackling percussive gestures lay out backdrop of static and micro-beats. Excellent.