Sunday, 17 April 2011


as a visitor to this site you may have previously bought one of my releases...

Record Store Day yesterday (along with things i'd noticed about sales of recent releases) got me thinking about people's music purchasing habits, so, to get an idea of what you may want from future Yellow6 releases (aside from the music of course) I would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete this survey. It is on the Survey Monkey site and will not ask for you email address, phone number or bank details, no-one will contact you about your responses or to offer you Yellow6 or related products, and no salesman will call at your home. the link is here: - the survey is completely anonymous but will hopefully allow me to provide you with the music you want in the way you want it in the future thanksjon./Yellow6 p.s. you can stream CUT, STHLM and Orphan Songs on the bandcamp page

Friday, 1 April 2011

news april 2011... bandcamp, upcoming releases etc.

Hi all

a little bit of news about forthcoming activities, and the new Yellow6 Bandcamp page some of you may be interested in.

No live dates planned in the short term.... but a few upcoming releases this year.

All the planned releases at the moment are collaborations. Timings of all are TBC but i'll update when i know.

So... they are:

Miniatures - 3" cdr in the Hibernate Recordings postcard series.

Collaboration with David Newlyn on a series of 8 songs of piano/guitar/computer processing

VALLEY - second installment of the collaboration with thisquietarmy, this one available on silver vinyl with limited black (expected May-June)

Offtempo - collaboration with Larkian. CD release summer 2011

Sleep of Reason - the trilogy of LPs is now complete and, following our debut live show in Tilburg at Tonefloat 100, we will soon start preparing the 3 LP set for release. It won't be til later this year as there's a lot of work needs to be done on design and packaging

Caught In The Wake Forever - I have remixed one of Fraser McGowan's songs (he was a contributor to 'close/r' in addition to being a member of Small Town Boredom) from his forthcoming EP 'ALL THE HURT THAT HINDERS HOME'.

the EP will be released by mini50 records and initial copies include the remix ep.

The EP will be released on 13 June 2011 but the remixes will only be available on the physical cd, not as a download option - the cd will go on pre sale from at the end of April.

And so to the Bandcamp page... I have set this up for digital downloads, mainly for the addition of recordings no longer available in physical form but also occasionally i may put up live recordings.

The first of these are:

STHLM, the companion release to 'When The Leaves Fall Like Snow' which is a further 5 songs recorded during the same stay in Stockholm in 2007 which was released by Distant Noise in a limited 100 copy cdr edition. Also included in the download is a Schengen remix that was on the 12th release in the Distant Noise series where artists remixed each others tracks.

Probably the release of most interest is 'Orphan Songs' which is a collection of 20 tracks from compilations, split releases and out of print cdr's etc. from the period 2003-2008. It includes tracks from releases on Dreamboat, Darla, Superspace, Music Fellowship, Fugues, BSBTA, Sound In Silence, Chat Blanc, Contact, Where Are My Records and Make Mine Music. A total of 21 tracks.

CUT is also available as a digital download here. If there are any releases people are specifically interested in please let me know and i'll add them in time.

I've added a small charge for them as this may help offset the cost of producing physical releases.

the page is here:

Lastly, my recommendation of the week... found this through the wonders of Fakebook, proving it does have some use.... highly recommended.... you can also listen to their forthcoming Hibernate release at the Soundcloud page