Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Merry6mas 2013

It nearly didn’t happen, and for a while was going to be the final merry6mas (but hopefully won’t be), but after lots of deliberation, confusion and helpful friendly advice Y6XV is here - the fifteenth in the ongoing merry6mas series.  This year’s instalment is a 60 minute CD, comprised entirely of new and unreleased recordings made over the course of 2013 and knocked into shape in the last month or so. 
A limited edition of 100 copies on pressed CD (not CDR), with insert and hand screen printed card sleeve, this will be available as a physical CD from, the Yellow6 Bandcamp page and selected retailers.  A download version will also be available from Bandcamp (from 2nd December).
As ever, perfection is not critical to the end result, but I aim to provide some music I think is good and hope you will too (and yes, i do think it's good).  It may be seen as lazy, or an excuse for sloppiness, but I have never pursued perfection as a goal, preferring the clicks, pops, hiss and unintentional notes and sounds to add rather than detract from the finished piece.  The screen printed sleeve follows the same theme with no two being the same, with the blemishes expected with hand screen printing, by someone who really has no training in this form of art.
Pictures of the sleeve and disc etc. arebelow or on the yellow6 fakebook page.  You can also preview one track at the yellow6 page on Soundcloud.
This will be on Bandcamp from 2nd December and on the Y6 website in a few days.  In the meantime you can get a copy by either sending payment via PayPal to, emailing to reserve and pay by other means later.  Costs are a little higher than i'd like due to production costs and, for overseas people, the royal mail.  
Prices are £8 (UK), £10 (EU), £11 (ROW)
An alternate version of one of the track on this CD is available on a Consouling Sounds download compilation here:  In addition, the final track on the CD - 'all fives' is a 10 minute track using much of the material recorded for the recent Silber '5 in 5' EP all moulded intro one track (tho i would add that you should get the Silber download I have also uploaded to the SoundCloud page a piano version of Butterfly girl which you can download free.
In case you missed out, there are still a few copies remaining of merry6mas2012 and 2011, and some copies of CUT, close/r, Painted Sky, When The Leaves Fall Like Snow and Sounds An Moving Pictures - cut price if you order with Y6XV.
Thanks again in advance for your support and a merry6mas to you all

Saturday, 23 November 2013


coming very soon....