Sunday, 4 September 2011

Yellow6 News Sept 2011


I hope you have all had a good summer and are ready for the shortening days and lovely colours of autumn.

Here’s a bit of news on future Yellow6 activities.

With all the changes going on around me in the real world, I have no live shows planned at all. That’s not to say there won’t be any but probably not for the rest of this year. There are a number of releases scheduled for the coming months with details below, but first a brief message about the Bandcamp page. Some of you have purchased the compilation ‘Orphan Songs’ from the site which collects together all (I think) of the tracks from singles, compilations etc. from 2004-2010 as a follow on from ‘The Beautiful Season Has Past’ (still available from which did the same for the period 1997-2003. Due to financial reasons I couldn’t do a physical version of this release so it was download only – not a top choice for many but the only practical option. It was priced at £5 for the download but, following someone uploading this to a number of blogs and it being freely available to download, I have taken the decision to make all of the Bandcamp downloads ‘name your price’. There seems little point in charging when it can be taken for nothing from many other sources. I would hope that this may encourage people unwilling to pay to at least take it from the official source.

I apologise to anyone who has already paid for this but it seemed the best thing to do. Also, following a case (possibly related) where the purchaser reversed the PayPal payment after making the download, I’m unsure about my future use of Bandcamp. Comments from anyone with experience would be welcomed.

You can get this, and STHLM here:

So… to the releases:

Larkian & Yellow6 – Offtempo

This full length album recorded as a remote collaboration with Switzerland’s Larkian has been sent for manufacture and will be released jointly by Basses Frequences and three:four records, both of France in the coming months. It is a single CD packaged in a 6 panel card sleeve featuring the beautiful photographs of Christy Romanick.


Also coming from Basses Frequences will be the 2CD edition of the Death and Valley LPs with 2 additional tracks and a Fear Falls Burning remix. This will be available at a discount price to anyone who purchased both LPs.

Sounds and Moving Pictures

This is a CD/DVD set featuring recordings made during the shows in Europe last spring. Centred around the audio and video recordings of the performance at the Antwerp Live Looping Festival, it also has on the audio disc, 40 minutes of processed and manipulated live recordings by David Newlyn. The DVD includes ‘Drifting’, a film by Niclaz Ehrlingmark (Elenziah Film) made for back projection at live shows. The film here is accompanied by two selectable soundtracks which were improvised live to tape at home in July 2011. Also included is the ‘Realisation’ video by Badhand Film for the track taken from ‘Painted Sky’, the trailer for Elenziah Film’s “9732” featuring ‘Telescope Peak’ (from Music for Pleasure) as the soundtrack. Lastly, there is a slide show of photos from the tour.

This will be a joint release between Lunasylum and Editions6 towards the end of 2011.

Split CD release

I have recorded two tracks, ‘Concorde’ and ‘The Start of Our Decline’ for a split CD with Greek artist Egsun to be released on Somehow Ecstatic Records. More news soon…

Sleep of Reason

The trilogy of albums recorded with Dirk Serries (Microphonics, Fear Falls Burning) will be released as a very limited vinyl only set in an edition of 150 copies by Tonefloat Records early in 2012. This set will consist of 3 12” LP for the trilogy, plus a 10” record of the live show for Tonefloat 100 in March 2011. More on this as it comes together.


Last but not least, work is progressing on Merry6mas2011. Currently planned to be a 7 track release running to 50 minutes, this will feature all new recordings made during 2011 and could I guess be regarded as a new album. It will, for the first time for a 6mas release, be a pressed CD not cdr and be in an edition of 250 copies in some sort of hand crafted or hand decorated sleeve, probably similar to ‘close/r’. This will of course be available in time for your christmas celebrations (probably on sale in november)

So, that’s about all for now. Keep up with news on the website or ‘like’ the Facebook page


Thursday, 1 September 2011


all downloads on Bandcamp are now 'let fan name price' due to Orphan Songs being uploaded to numerous blogs for free.
apologies to those who already paid for it but there seems little point in charging any more.

news on upcoming releases coming soon....