Monday, 30 November 2015

walk out to winter....or stay in with yellow6

Hi.  the days are colder and the nights longer meaning it’s that merry6mas time of year.  As ever, the only thing festive about this release as that it coincides with this time of year, but don’t let that stop you trying to liven up parties with it (or at the least, end parties with it).

in circles / merry6mas2015 is #17 in an ongoing series, written and recorded during 2015, some of this music came about during rehearsals for the 2 live shows of the year, some didn’t make the final cut of No Memories, Only Photographs, and others were written as time became short and i needed material for this and was avoiding using a live recording as last year.
All are, as ever, presented here lacking some of the final polish some may expect, but this is the polish that, in reality, no Yellow6 release has ever had. Because i record part improvised there will always be the odd note that isn’t quite right or the click of an effect pedal, but i feel these are the things that make it more human (of course the big errors are deleted).
Aside from a couple of drum loops, each song was recorded as a single multi-track take.  There’s a few overdubs of bass, piano and drum beats but that’s all. 
As this is mostly loop based music, there is usually a starting loop as the foundation on which the other layers are built. At some time this loop will disappear and be replaced by others. The thing i like when listening back as i don’t always notice when these things start and stop straight away as other layers come to the fore. I hope you will also find that in the shifting collection of loops and drones that make up the music.

All music by Yellow6
Released by Silber (Silber 203)
Sleeve photographs by Gavin Morrow
(taken at the Church of Sound, Nottingham, September 2015)

Track listing:
two kinds of people 04:05
the end of a gloomy week 09:57
circular #3 13:22
the fifth (live rehearsal version) 07:59
circular #4 11:57
my favourite corner09:31
the longest day 12:31
summers past 09:47

total time 79:24

There are still a handful of copies of No Memories, Only Photographs left on the site (13), and the last few of Closer To The Sea Without Moving (7) - plus the free recent live download “Church of Sound”.

Also, in case you are looking for that super rare exclusive christmas gift for the one you love, the final copy of the 30 copy lathe cut LP/CD set of No Memories, Only Photographs (LP with 2 tracks only available in physical form here) is now on eBay:

Thanks again for your support in 2015.  My Bandcamp has had more plays in the last 6 months than ever and i’ve scraped past that elusive 500 likes in Facebook…… the only way is up!

merry6mas and a happy new year to you all