Saturday, 31 July 2010

news about nothing much, end of July 2010

Been a while since the last update so here’s a bit of news…. Life tends to get in the way sometimes so you don’t get to spend the time you would like to on the fun things…. Not so much time for music of late, but I’ve got some things done….

I have completed the 6th track of the collaboration with Larkian. We now have to do some mixing and editing and decide on a running order, but this should appear on CD later this year.

Also coming nicely is the result of my meeting with Eric Quach (thisquietarmy)… we met in Montreal last year when I played at Under The Snow and had arranged in advance to get together and play a bit. We improvised for about 2 hours or so and then Eric edited and mixed the recordings (just the two of us with guitars and effects). The results are to be released by Basses Frequences. The plan has only just been formulated, but it will be a two volume vinyl release with each LP being one long and two shorter tracks with a themed sleeve design and some bonuses… more in the next few months.

The ToneFloat LP [in time this too will fade] will be going into production soon scheduled for an autumn release.
There has been a delay to the release of ‘heavy with snow’, a 3” cdr release for Moscow label ABGVRD. Due to the warm summer weather this has been put back to later in the year when it is less likely to melt in the sunshine.

I had a recent experimental recording session playing live in a big room with 6 microphones close and distant. Results were pleasing so I’m planning another session to do some backing tracks for new material.

No live shows planned for now, but I’m interested in any offers for UK shows…

Lastly for now, I am selling some gear to fund a new 6-string bass. A couple of guitars are on eBay now (ending 07 Aug 2010) – both were used in recording parts of CUT. One is a candy apple red Fender Jazzmaster FSR Thin Skin model and the other is a Fender Telecaster 52 Hot Rod with Bigsby tremolo. I will probably also be selling a Peavey Milestone bass and Danelectro U2 Baritone once I get the new bass…

If you are interested, auction item numbers are: 250675008350 and 250675010850

Even more lastly, I have a few copies of CUT with bonus disc un/CUT left… you can buy through the shop page on the website, and if you already have, please tell a friend!

Thanks for listening… more news as it happens

AND... forgot to mention 'close/r' which IS progressing.... version 2 is nearly complete and version 3 will follow soon after. nott sure exactly how i'll release it as i'm not sure i can do another full CD release, so it may be a cdr.... more news soon... ish!