Thursday, 5 October 2017

brief update with some news reminders....


The new Yellow6 album "about the journey" will be released 9th October by Sound In Silence from Greece.

It will be an edition of 200 copies, 100 of which will come in a sewn cloth bag and include a bonus CD.

Both CDs are factory made glass mastered discs (not cd-r)

The album is made up of 6 new pieces, recorded in the first half of 2017 (total of about 70 mins).

Disc 2 includes the live set for Silent Strategies, and the full 20 minute version of the second side of the recent Champion Version lathe cut 10"

Track list:

first day #1
the death of nostalgia
death of nostalgia (further back)
last day
Bonus Disc:
death of nostalgia
the first day
(live at silent strategies, 12.03.17)
the first day (champion version 2)
from the sleeve notes:

about the journey….
we each have two things in common - we’re born and we die. what happens between those two events is entirely personal and unique. rather than race blindly towards the finish line, look around as you pass by, enjoy the scenery, experience everything. life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey

The CD will be available from the Sound In Silence Bandcamp page:

(i will have a few copies of each edition available)


Ambient State II

ORT, 500-504 Moseley Road, B12 9AH Birmingham, United Kingdom

Yellow6 / James Osland / Art Banymandhub / Kevin Buckland

Sunday 8th October 6pm start time -free entry

Champion Version Edition 1: Rothko, Yellow6, Darkroom


'Old Paradise Yard' 20 Carlisle Lane, London SE1 7LG

Thursday 12th October

More info and tickets here:

that's all for now


Sunday, 16 April 2017

the clock is ticking

the clock is ticking on the new Yellow6 release "a journey home" - a limited 10" clear lathe cut release on Champion Version.
This will only be available as a pre-order or digital download from the Champion Version Bandcamp page:
what the label has to say:
Description: Using his guitar, a looping device and a chain of effects pedals, Yellow6 records the basis of the music here in a single live take and then edits and builds on the original improvisations to create a constantly moving ambient soundscape. The enigmatic and transcendent incantations of 'A Journey Home' open the release with Atwood beautifully layering a multitude of shimmering and blissful guitar treatments. On the B side comes the quietly cinematic 'The First Day (Version 2)' where gently plucked guitars thread loosely together in the most tender fashion while soft tone clusters lay out a stunning backdrop. An epic and immersive record.

What I have to say: 
both pieces were recorded April 2017.  A Journey Home was recorded in a single take the day after the initial idea, with minimal overdubs added the following day.  The First Day (version 2) has been gestating for a while in it's various forms.  Originally as the ending to the full piece The First Day, it has been played live a few times in 2017 (including the version available on the Silent Strategies live recording available from the Yellow6 Bandcamp page).  The original version has been recorded, along with Part 1, for the forthcoming CD album on Sound In Silence, but this version, recorded just after the Silent Strategies live show took a totally different direction.  Separated from it's first part, and edited to just under 10 minutes, this is the second dise of the record.

Get in quick if you want a copy as there will be no re-press.

for those in the Nottingham area, I make a return to the Church of Sound at Lee Rosy's on Thursday 20th, with Monkey Trial and The Garwin Project
FB event:
The set for this will be a mix of old and new, with the return of CUT to the live set

that's all for now
thanks for listening

Friday, 30 December 2016

Hi all
getting in before the new year data panic brings the internet to it's knees for a while, here is the final update of the year...
first off, many thanks to everyone who bought merry6mas2016 - it was sold out within a week and the first time a merry6mas has done that in a few years (copies of last years still left on bandcamp...) - and thanks again to Mark Prestage for the wonderful linocut sleeve print
It's been a good year for Y6 all round in my opinion.... a few live shows in such places as Nottingham, Tincques, Lille, Troyes, Nottingham again and Wolverhampton (live videos on facebook if you search the Yellow6 page)
Releases wise, i did the springsun EP which looked pretty but was a lesson in marketing, as an EP at the same price as an album isn't really a good proposition, however pretty it looks (part silvered discs are expensive to make!).... this was followed by another sell out of Burn Again, with David Newlyn.
all of these are available digitally, and the last few copies of No Memories, Only Photographs and Closer To The Sea Without Moving are available on Bandcamp.

I also did my first interview in many years with the recently relaunched - well worth a visit and maybe to read what i have to say as well :

so, many thanks again for your support and for listening to my creations.

as for 2017, there are plans.  as we all know, plans can change, but currently i am working towards a CD for Sound In Silence, a lathe cut for Champion Version (and a live show at the Token Victory event in London), a remix for Carta,  track Seal Beach (Bass) on Live for UNICEF compilation LP, CTY6 collaboration with Chasing Tornadoes and who knows what else....
open to offers for live shows in the UK Midlands, or within a couple of hours drive of home (anywhere from London to Manchester) or further at weekends....

i wish you all a happy and healthy 2017 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

dear friends of yellow6
the time has come for merry6mas to appear once more, for the 18th year running, yellow6 delivers over and hour of the best of the years work that didn't find an outlet elsewhere.  In 2016, there was the 'springsun' EP and the limited cdr Burn Again with David Newlyn.  Although the latter is long gone in physical format, springsun is now up on bandcamp for only £5 for a limited time so take advantage of the weak pound and get a bargain!

SO...merry6mas2016 is comprised of 75 minutes worth of new material, some of which was showcased live earlier in the year, but here in studio recording for the frst time.  8 tracks in all.  These may well have made the next Y6 album, but i have a plan in mind for that and these did not fit that plan (all will be revealed in time for that plan, on the wonderful Sound In Silence label) along with a planned release for 2017 with Champion Version.

Merry6mas was recorded throughout the year, and comes as a glass matered CD in a card sleeve with linocut print, designed and individually printed by Mark Prestage.

This release is proudly brought to you in collaboration with the lovely Silber Records as part of the 2016 christmas EP series (stretching EP a little to VERY extended play)

wishing you the best for the festive season and hopefullness in a world of turmoil for 2017

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Live UK show 9th October

next (and possibly last) Yellow6 live show for 2016 is on Sunday 9th October in Wolverhampton, at the first in what will hopefully be a long series of events under the banner Silent Strategies.
Here's the full details....

Silent Strategies Ambient event
Lighthouse Media Centre, The Chubb Buildings, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1HT
Show runs from 17:30-21:00 (approx) with 5 acts in what is proposed as a continuous flow of music.
Artists playing are:  
Mike Hatton
Russ Sergeant 

There's a fakebook event page here: or just search for it....

We play in the gallery, and there is a bar with coffee / food / beer depending on your needs

news on Merry6mas soon...

Monday, 22 August 2016

Yellow6 late summer news....

hi all
some late summer news from Yellow6.
after a recent period of (relative) inactivity there is some exciting stuff happening over the next month or so....
first up:
Burn Again - Cathedral Transmissions 2xcdr
Limited to 50 copies in translucent hand made sleeve
Earlier in the year Jon (Yellow6) recorded a new track called 'Burn', titled after hearing news of wildfires in Canada. Although he wasn't too happy with the result, he did a new version, 'Burn Again' which came out well. Over the next few weeks he recorded it again, another 6 or so times with different guitars, effects, and each take being partly improvised, so they were all different.
As he couldn't choose a single one he really liked, he sent them all to me (David Newlyn) to create something from. I sent back a mix of the various versions, plus added instrumentation running at just over 40 minutes. He then put together his own mix of the various versions, plus another new one, to create a new mix of just under 60 minutes. Both of these mixes appear on this double cdr release.


releases August 27, 2016

Original tracks written and recorded by Yellow6.
Mixes by Yellow6 and David Newlyn.
Additional instrumentation by David Newlyn
short samples are available to listen to here:

(It is also the same title as an excellent track by Magazine that you should check out if you don't already know it)

yes, after a few shows in France earlier in the year, Yellow6 have two upcoming gigs:
Saturday 17th September is a daytime in-store appearance at Rough Trade Nottingham.  This features yellow6, alongside Nottingham guitarists Charlie Ulyatt (check out his fine CD Dead Birds on bandcamp), and Nick Jonah Davis.
Event runs between 2-6pm in the store.  CDs will be available to buy and each artist will do a full live set.
here's a link to the facebook event:

and... my second visit to the fair city of Wolverhampton.  The first was back in 2002 i think, and my fist Low gig.
this time around, it's an afternoon of ambient related music (Silent Strategies) on  Sunday 9th October, at the Lighthouse Media Centre, Wolverhampton, WV1 1HT, with music from Clusters / Jazzdefector / Mike Hatton / Russ Sergeant / Yellow6

more news in the autumn, possibly of new music, but that's all for now...


Monday, 25 July 2016

Yellow6 Summer News

Hi.  some news from the world of Yellow6....
first up, there's a new and exclusive tracks "Conrad" available on the new compilation from Assembly Field recordings, available as a download from Bandcamp:
The Y6 track was recorded slightly before conrad#2 which features on the (still available - hint!) Springsun EP.
Take advantage of the post-Brexit fall in the value of the pound to order some CDs you missed out on.

In other news.... coming soon is a limited 2 x cdr release on Cathedral Transmissions in collaboration once more with David Newlyn.  Earlier in the year, i recorded a new track called 'Burn', titled after the news of wildfires in Canada.  Although i wasn't too happy with the result, i did a new version, 'Burn Again' which came out well.  Over the next few weeks i recorded it again another 6 or so times with different guitars, effects, and each part improvised so all different.  As i couldn't coose a single one i really likes, i sent them all to David Newlyn to create something from.  He came back with a mix of the various versions, plus added sounds rnning to just over 40 minutes.  I then put together my own mix of various versions, plus another new one, to create a ix just under 60 minutes.
The 2 of these will be released as a double cdr set in the near future.

lastly, gig news.... only one gig coming up but, harking back to the early 2000s when i played the Rough Trade ROTA shows a number of times, I will be doing an instore performance at Rough Trade Nottingham on Saturday 17th September, 3-6 pm.  Also appearing are Charlie Ulyatt and Nic Jonah Davis.  More on that nearer the time.
that's all for now... enjoy the sunshine (if you have some where you are)