Wednesday, 23 June 2010


back from a week in sunny Florida (so far oil free beaches but unfortunately the outlook is not good) to a sunny England.
a nice review of CUT has been posted at the Leonard's Lair blog site:

Hard to believe that ‘Cut’ is only the tenth full length album from Yellow6 such is the prolific recording career of Jon Attwood. Perhaps more tellingly, ‘Cut’ is also his 79th release in total – not bad for twelve years’ work. Now producing music on his own label, ‘Cut’ traces another journey of guitar-led minimalism.
‘Cut’ itself is a running theme of the album, with four different versions of it making an appearance. The first ‘Cut’, if you will, is the deepest since its delayed melody is totally spine-tingling although the final (‘Cut#4′) version runs it close. ‘Butterfly Girl’ features chords donated by another musician (Beth Georgiou) which are performed chillingly and beautifully by Attwood; rarely has repetition been this captivating, even from Attwood himself who is something of a master in this field.
After this superb start, the music drifts in to familiar ambient/post-rock territory of the darkest hue with clear nods to Labradford along the way (particularly on ‘Cut #3′). Experiments in other instruments yield great results with ‘Diagnosis (Two)’ picking up the pace and urgency with real drums, whilst ‘Cut/Piano’ represents Attwood’s output in its most funereal form.Granted, there’s a lot here which will be very familiar to anyone who has owned a Yellow6 record. Once again the running time exceeds an hour, the same influences remain but Attwood is at least on top melodic form.

copies with bonus CD still available from this site...

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

review and stuff...


just a brief update.... the only review (outside of Norman Records and Boomkat) of CUT has show up in Rock-a-Rolla:

"Close to 80 releases under his belt, the prolific one-man guitar outfit Yellow6's latest offering is all sparse guitar-scapes and minimalist post-rock, deelpy melancholic in outlook and execution. Whilst not quite covering new ground, it's one that fans of solo guitar explorers and instrumental post-rock will find pleasing no end" (Review by Bobby Bone)

last few copies of the CD with bonus are available at the shop page (any orders between 10-18 June will be shipped out on 19th)

the 3" cdr release "Heavy With Snow" on Russian label ABGVRD should be out late June - more news when it arrives.
mixing is ongoing for the next Editions6 release "close/r" which will probably be out around September, a similar timescale to the album on ToneFloat

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