Monday, 25 July 2016

Yellow6 Summer News

Hi.  some news from the world of Yellow6....
first up, there's a new and exclusive tracks "Conrad" available on the new compilation from Assembly Field recordings, available as a download from Bandcamp:
The Y6 track was recorded slightly before conrad#2 which features on the (still available - hint!) Springsun EP.
Take advantage of the post-Brexit fall in the value of the pound to order some CDs you missed out on.

In other news.... coming soon is a limited 2 x cdr release on Cathedral Transmissions in collaboration once more with David Newlyn.  Earlier in the year, i recorded a new track called 'Burn', titled after the news of wildfires in Canada.  Although i wasn't too happy with the result, i did a new version, 'Burn Again' which came out well.  Over the next few weeks i recorded it again another 6 or so times with different guitars, effects, and each part improvised so all different.  As i couldn't coose a single one i really likes, i sent them all to David Newlyn to create something from.  He came back with a mix of the various versions, plus added sounds rnning to just over 40 minutes.  I then put together my own mix of various versions, plus another new one, to create a ix just under 60 minutes.
The 2 of these will be released as a double cdr set in the near future.

lastly, gig news.... only one gig coming up but, harking back to the early 2000s when i played the Rough Trade ROTA shows a number of times, I will be doing an instore performance at Rough Trade Nottingham on Saturday 17th September, 3-6 pm.  Also appearing are Charlie Ulyatt and Nic Jonah Davis.  More on that nearer the time.
that's all for now... enjoy the sunshine (if you have some where you are)