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Basses Frequences :: Death Valley 2CD and more (Yellow6 news March 2012)

Hi All

I hope the spring is being kind to you all as the summer fast approaches and another year seems to fly by already....
Times have been quiet musically for Yellow6 but there are a few upcoming collaborative projects to mention, more news on which will be given as time moves on.... I have been working sporadically on music for a film soundtrack, but aside from a live date in Cragg Vale, Yorkshire on 23rd June (tbc) there are no live dates or new releases planned for Yellow6.  

There are these though....

After the vinyl releases of each individual LP comes the 2CD set which includes an extra track from the original session, a live recording from the following evening in Montreal and a Fear Falls Burning remix.  Full details are below in the forwarded Basses Frequences mailout.  I will have a small number of copies available in the UK at £12.  For those who purchased both vinyl volumes there is a discount to £7.50 by providing your LP download codes.  I won't be putting this on the shop so I can cover copies for people who bought both vinyl volumes so email me if interested.

Unlabel compilation
The otherwise unavailable Yellow6 track 'Red Candy' is on the Unlabel digital download compilation " the23rdproject-02-february-2012" which you can listen to or download (name your price) at Bandcamp.  Get it here:

Caught In The Wake Forever and Yellow6
Fraser McGowan and I have recorded two pieces for a 3" cdr to be released by Hibernate as the first in their upcoming 'collaborations' series. (due April-ish)

Mini50 compilation
The long planned compilation 'After A Long Dream Of Sleep' will be available from 30th March on Bandcamp, with an exclusive Yellow6 track.
Full tracklist is:
The full track listing is:

1. Matthew Collings – Hraunberg
2. Mirrorzisland – Anonatoll
3. Spokes – Give it up to the Night (Fieldhead Remix)
4. Cory Allen – Transcender’s Theme
5. Yellow6 – And in the Distance
6. Richard A Ingram – Vort Halicon
7. David Newlyn – Stop Motion
8. Talvihorros – Dead Sea Scrolls
9. Chantal Acda (Sleepingdog/True Bypass) – Missing Heartbeat
10. M.Ostermeier – Winsome
11. FiRES Were Shot – Giffords Green
12. Guy Gelem – Recent Waves
13. Christian Eldefors – Daylight
14. Antonymes – Gravity Versus the Pull of Beyond
15. glacis – May this Night never see Morning
16. Caught in the Wake Forever – I Restore Myself When I’m Alone
17. Hiva Oa – Exile

An excellent line up of artists for the price of £6 (£0.75 for an individual track) with all proceeds to Crisis Counselling Scotland.  From the mini50 records bandcamp page:

Sleep of Reason
Big news for later this year is the release of the Sleep of Reason trilogy and accompanying short tour.  After a long gestation, the 3 LP trilogy will be released in the autumn by Tonefloat.  The limited box set will comprise the 3 volume LP series, live one sided LP (recorded at the Tonefloat tf100 festival in Tilburg 2011) and a CD compiling selections form the 3LPs.  More on that nearer the time.
The tour will take in the following:
Oct 27th - Use of Ashes and Sleep of Reason, London (tbc)
Oct 28th - 229, London - the tonefloat event
Oct 29th - Stadtgarten, Cologne - Germany
Oct 30th - Stuk, Leuven - Belgium
Oct 31st - Zentralcafé, K4, Nürnberg - Germany
Nov 1st - (h)ear, Maastricht/Heerlen - The Netherlands
Nov 2nd - Markthalle, Hamburg - Germany
Nov 3rd - Christuskirche, Bochum - Germany
Nov 4th - Paradox, Tilburg - The Netherlands - the tonefloat event

OLD - Reissue
The OLD box, released last year in a limited edition of 6 copies by Cathedral Transmissions gets a limited re-issue in more frugal packaging in the near future.  Just working on the packaging but the music will be the same.  Digital download version is at bandcamp:

So - that's all for now.  Please visit the shop page on the website if you feel that way inclined as there are still plenty of copies of merry6mas2011, Worth Wasting Time, close/r and CUT.  If you would like a number of CDs mail me and we'll make a deal :-)

Thanks for making it this far and your continued support.... Basses Frequences newsletter below


-----Original Message-----
From: Basses Frequences []
Sent: 26 March 2012 14:28
Subject: Basses Frequences :: Death Valley 2CD and more !

Hello everyone !
I hope this Basses Frequences newsletter will find you well. The sun is shining while I'm writting and the air smells spring, wich is always a good news.

I am very happy today to announce the release of the "Death Valley" - CD edition. This was supposed to be released last fall, but as someone very wise said once "better late than never". It is some kind of achievement to propose this edition today. This record has been the most ambitious Basses Frequences release to date. It has also been a great, deep human adventure, and in some way, I'm a bit sad this project is coming to an end. A huge THANKS and LOVE to Eric and Jon; and Dirk too. It has been a great pleasure to work with you, I'm proud of what we have done here.

The CD edition comes just as we wanted it to: mini gatefold sleeve with a 8 pages booklet. Looks really nice. Nothing occurred for once.
"Death" and "Valley" are united at last, with the addition of 3 bonus tracks to have this fully completed. An outtake from the recording sessions, a live track recorded at the Under The Snow Festival prior to the recording sessions, and a massive remix/reinterpretation by Fear Falls Burning.

You can buy it directly from here:
Or through Eric and Jon who already have their copies, or through Norman Records in the UK, who will have copies very soon.

It is also available on digital here:

Also, as announced a while back, those who bought the two LPs can claim a discount on the CD edition. Just send the two download codes by email and you'll get your discount. (As far as I'm concern, I'll give you back a code to be used on the online shop.) Or, you can purchase the bonus tracks only here:

And I guess we're done about "Death Valley" ! I just hope that you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Beside all that, there are 3 new titles added to the ROD program ! Pummeler "Soul Match Extraordinaire", Bones Of Seabirds "Divinorum" and the "Elementality Revisited" that is available exclusively with the "Elementality" CD. That a nice CD/CDR set now.
All three are now available on the online shop !

Once again, thanks a lot for reading this to the end and for your continuing support !
Live a good life.

Cheers !
- Jerome


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Vital Weekly 824

YELLOW6 - SOUNDS AND MOVING PICTURES (CD/DVD by Lunasylum/Editions6) Although around for a long time, it wasn't until Vital Weekly 815 that we reviewed something again by Jon Attwood, better known as Yellow6. That was a collaborative work with French Larkian, but in spring time last year he toured the lowlands, Belgium, The Netherlands and France, performing at the Tonefloat tf100 festival (along with Dirk Serries as Sleep Of Reason) and in Antwerp at the Live Looping Festival. That is a well-chosen name for a festival where people like Yellow6 perform. Basically a man, a guitar and loop devices. His three pieces from that festival are captured in audio and film, and both can heard and watched. On the CD there are also six pieces recorded from the audience, so we have a curious mixture of guitar playing and audience activities, although which is very quiet most of the time. These six pieces have been manipulated by David Newlyn. Like I remarked when reviewing the collaborative CD with Larkian, this kind of music hardly progresses, and probably
want to either. With all of this audio and video material, quite an overload. As a music lover I should say I enjoyed the CD more, but that's not entirely true. The CD contains great music, but perhaps music that I also know well quite now. Therefore I had more joy here with the DVD, especially his playing at the Live Looping festival, which lasts thirty minutes. Its interesting to see Attwood at work, playing few notes and then starting to loop them around, adding a few more, more loops, a texture, a strum, loop and loop. The floor is covered with all sorts of boxes to transform sounds, color them, change them. Attwood is playing them with great care and hardly a guitar hero, rock god type of musician. On the DVD there is a bunch more of bonus material, such as a spacious film and likewise spacious soundtrack by various film makers and even a slide show of tour pictures. Video and images work well together here and that's nice. But obviously sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy 'just' music and then the CD is perhaps the best alternative. Like said, in this particular world 'innovation' doesn't seem to be that important, but quality is delivered no less. An excellent tour report. (FdW)