Thursday, 24 November 2011

Norman Records Reviews

those lovely people at Norman Records have reviewed a couple of the recent reviews and given each of them 5 shiny Norman stars... for 'Merry6mas' I have been referred to as "the Santa of minimal"


Ooh I like this a lot. I played this the other morning and it totally set me up for the day. In a word it’s fucking lovely. OK that’s two words but counting was never my strong point. Larkian is a name from the past who I’ve not heard of in a while but I remember hearing a single by him on Tricycle Evolutif back in 2001 (yes 10 years ago). Yellow 6 you’re all of course familiar with and the pair have teamed up for this collaborative effort on Basses Frequences/Three Four Records. This is one of those file sharing things where artists batter musical tracks too and from across the Internet until an album is born. It features the usual Yellow6 post rock melodies as well with more of a shoegazey vibe running through some of the tracks. There’s plenty of reverb and atmospheric sounds-capes to indulge yourself in as well. It’s drifting and evocative music which works really well. This is a fine collaboration and you should already be getting excited in case they do another one!


Look. It’s Christmas soon and that means that there’s a few definites.... There’s gonna be time off work, family, food, booze, presents and a new Yellow 6 xmas CD. It’ll be sad when these things end and I have to say it’s a thoroughly nice tradition to do a limited release at the end of each year just for the fans in the name of Christmas (said the jew). Drifting For The Horizon is the 1st of these festive releases which isn’t on a CDR and there’s 250 of the buggers so this one shouldn’t last more than 5 minutes. You know what you’re getting with Yellow 6. He’s not gonna win over any new fans with his brand of cinematic instrumental drifty post rock (without the rock) but he’s gonna keep his legions of fans sweet with this 63 minute beastie. It’s lovely and drifty and I don’t really know what else to say about it cos I’ve reviewed about a gerjillion of his CD’s already but he’s one of a handful of artists I can never get enough of. There’s some beautiful guitar work here and it’s an emotive listen! Nice work Mr 6.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

News November 2011


Just a brief follow up to the news of a few weeks back.

All pre-orders for merry6mas2011 and Sounds and Moving Pictures have been packaged and will be mailed tomorrow.

Anyone who hasn’t yet ordered, you can from the website now and all orders will ship out straight away. This includes and orders for merry6mas2011 that are placed through Bandcamp.

so – here’s the highlights again, and various things can be heard at the Bandcamp page (also through Facebook) to stream, download or buy.

Last of all, a couple of re-issues or CD versions are coming up but not until the new year. A different physical release of ‘OLD’ will be released by Cathedral Transmissions, and the DEATH:VALLEY 2CD set will be released by Basses Frequences. More news on them in time….

Thanks for your continued support – it means more than you could know


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sounds and Moving Pictures CD/DVD

just arrived today and pre-orders will ship in a few days. On general release late November

order now from the shop