Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Yellow6 end of year news


So, the end of another year draws near and a busy and eventful one it has been.

I played some shows in France, Belgium and Holland in the spring which included one in Lille, viewed by a few people there (including me) as one of the best I have ever played….of course this was the one show on the trip that wasn’t recorded but such is the way of things.

The trip started with my third Plane Ari Home Gig, as ever a great experience, and a recording of one of my rehearsals the afternoon of the gig appears on the Silber free download Christmas compilation. My track was written and recorded on a keyboard remaining at the house after the Library Tapes gig the previous week so thanks to Marc for inviting me to play, Do for the piano and Brian for asking me to contribute to the comp. here’s the details from the Silber newsletter:

“It's called "Six Feet Below the Snow" & I'm pretty stoked about it. Goes all over the map genre wise & some stuff is serious with other stuff being dumb fun. Go to to listen or download it for free. The artist roster is Charles DeMar, Jon DeRosa, Thorn1, Landerim, Miss Massive Snowflake, Goddakk, Origami Boe, Moodring, Remora, Pacific 231, Sibyll Kalff, Yellow6, Lullabier, Feel No Other, Tony Whitlock, Les Marquises, Løzninger, Electric Bird Noise, Parties, & Drekka with Michael Demery Toran. “

During the tour, one show was the ToneFloat tf100 show where Dirk Serries and I played our first and only (so far?) show as Sleep of Reason. This show was recorded and will be released as part of the Sleep of Reason trilogy on tonefloat early 2012 – a very limited 3LP + 10” vinyl set.

The final show of the tour was the Antwerp Live Looping Festival. This show was recorded as audio and video and forms the centrepiece of the Sounds and Moving Pictures CD/DVD set recently released by Luansylum/Editions6.

Also released during 2012 was VALLEY, the second part of the 2 album set with thisquietarmy. The 2CD set of both albums plus additional tracks (bonus from the original sessions, live track, Fear Falls Burning remix) will be released early 2012 with cut price available for anyone who bought both vinyl editions.

Hibernate records released the David Newlyn and Yellow6 ‘Minatures’ 3” cdr in the postcard series and it was the fastest selling of the series so far with all 100 copies going quick. If you missed out you can download it here: for £2. There will be more David Newlyn and Yellow6 recordings released in 2012.

Also for download is the compilation ‘Orphan Songs’ which is free from Bandcamp here:

Later in the year came the highly regarded Larkian & Yellow6 album ‘Offtempo’ released by Basses Frequences, and there are plans for a second collaboration to come in the future.

Lastly , I released the above mentioned Sounds and Moving Pictures CD/DVD set and the latest in a long line of merry6mas CDs, this one being titled ‘Drifting for the Horizon’ and also the first as a pressed CD rather than cdr, but still with hand finished packaging.

For next year? Lots of collaborations, some ongoing work on a film soundtrack, the first in the planned ‘letterpress series’ on Hiberante records – a collaboration with Fraser McGowan (Caught In The Wake Forever) – a mix of field recordings and guitars, and whatever else comes out when I pick up the guitar.

Also to end the year, I have to mention the end of Make Mine Music after 10 fine years and a legacy of great music. The final digital release MM070 is available to download form the MMM website. Unfortunately I missed the deadline for getting a track on it for various reasons, but there’s loads of good stuff from label favourites and mainstays so worth checking out. All MMM releases are now deleted but remaining back catalogue is available from Norman Records, and Y6 releases from me.

Too late for Christmas gifts, but maybe something to spend the Christmas money on…. All of these are still available from the Y6 shop

Larkian and Yellow6 - Offtempo

Thisquietarmy&yellow6 - Valley (LP silver vinyl)

Drifting For The Horizon [merry6mas2011]

Sounds and Moving Pictures



In Time This Too Will Fade


Thanks again for your support in 2012, and huge thanks to all who have shared their music and artwork for this years releases, and to all who have helped or contributed in any way, especially by buying releases which helps keep them coming.

Finally, for those interested in such things, some of my favourite listening of the year has included (not all released this year):

Low – C’Mon

Richmond Fontaine – High Country

A Winged Victory for The Sullen

Two People In a Room

Azusa Plane – Where The Sands Turn to Gold

Tom Waits – Bad As Me

The National – High Violet

Sonic Youth – Simon Werner a Disparu

Steve Reich – WTC 9/11

Kuniko plays Reich

Dangermouse and Daniel Luppi – ROME

Cowboy Junkies – Sing In My Room

Eraas - Eraas

Magic Numbers – the Runaway

Esmerine – La Lechuza

Coldstream – South Island

And still trying to make up my mind about Lou Reed and Metallica!

merry christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year