Wednesday, 29 April 2009

gig news


just a quick update about a couple of gigs coming up in the next month or so.... one in London and the other, the nearest thing i've done to a local gig in a while.
I last played Nottingham in 2000 supporting Tristeza and have failed to get to play there since, until now.... this time thanks to Library Tapes.

May 12, London
Phantom Channel Presents:
Machinefabriek / Yellow6 / Konntinent
Cafe OTO 18-22 Ashwin St Dalston London E8 3DL

June 4, Nottingham
Library Tapes / Yellow6
The Chameleon 17 Angel Row Nottingham NG1 6HL
(above Clinton's Cards)
There may be other gigs coming up and news will be posted on the website/Myspace etc.

In other news....

work is ongoing with the Elenziah Films production '9732' and the movie and soundtrack album will appear soonish...

also works in progress, to bear fruit at some undetermined time, are collaborations with Northern Valentine, thisquietarmy, Bosch's With You and Larkian.

no news on a release date for the 'iamstringsthatrembleunderabow' album but one day soon....

things that will be released soon:
Awkward Silence are re-issuing their long out of print releases, originally on vinyl, as 3" cd singles. These include the two Portal/Yellow6 split releases.

more info here when they are available (scheduled for 4th May):

that's all for now - hope to see someof you at the gigs where the last few copies of bootleg#3 and merry6mas2008 will be available


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decided to give this blogging lark a try and will use this to post news and things, maybe as a replacement or addition to the website, who knows
news update soon