Monday, 29 March 2010

CUT - available to pre-order now


spring is here, and to prove it heavy snow is forecast for England... also imminent, but much better than the weather, is the new Yellow6 album CUT (really - i love snow but it never lasts, this will!)

currently being manufactured, CUT is expected to be complete and ready to ship week beginning 12 April 2010.

Copies ordered from will come with a bonus CD only available by mail order and can be pre-ordered now from the shop page.

So, here's the all important information that will make you want to rush to the store to pre-order your copy

Info / sleeve pics / tracks to preview etc. can all be found on the CUT page

the details:
CUT (editions6 E6:02) is the 10th full length album by Yellow6, and 79th release overall (if i counted correctly). Recorded between January 2009 and January 2010 and mastered by Mark Beazley (Rothko / Trace recordings), CUT contains 9 tracks and 70 minutes of minimalist guitarscapes, repetition and melody. These songs take the listener on a journey, seemingly suspending time for their duration, with intertwining guitars, piano and percussion, and featuring drums by Dave Collingwood (Gravenhurst, Yann Tiersen) on diagnosis (two).

Lighter and more spacious than some of the former Yellow6 releases, melancholy melodies are augmented with hopeful, and even upbeat, songs. The song cycle CUT is the recurrent theme of the album appearing in a number of variations throughout.

Track listing:
01 cut
02 butterfly girl
03 if you see something, say something (third version)
04 cut#3
05 gift
06 cut/piano
07 diagnosis one
08 diagnosis two
09 cut#4

all songs composed and recorded by jon attwood
drums on ‘diagnosis two’ by dave collingwood
chords for butterfly girl supplied by beth georgiou
mastered by mark Beazley

un/CUT (editions6 E6:03) is a collection of recordings made during the same period as CUT. These recordings are a mixture of alternate mixes, original 'live' demo recordings, and additional tracks not included in the final album.

Track listing:
01 cut #2
02 20.1.10 (first version)
03 cut (demo)
04 butterfly girl (first version)
05 cut/piano (Mark Beazley rough mix)
06 diagnosis (two) (first version)
07 cut #2 (second version)
08 cut #2 (reprise)

additional instrumentation on cut/piano by mark Beazley

please email for further info / promo or distribution requests.

Lastly, Yellow6 will be playing the following shows in Northern France and Belgium in late April. The album will be available at shows.

April 16– Le Drugstore, Lille
April 17– le quilit quilit, Bethune
April 18– plane ari home gigs, Habarcq (with Microphonics)
April 19– Homey, Antwerpen (with Microphonics)
April 20– Anthony's, Gent (with Microphonics)

thanks for making it this far!


Monday, 15 March 2010

yellow6 news march 2010

a brief update on the news and also a welcome to the new designed by Gareth Evans (Weyland) this is the long threatened update which includes a full discography (ok, as close as i can get - please feel free to correct me on any omissions etc.), some photos, biog, reviews etc.

There is an audio page with streaming audio of a few old tracks, the recent Arctic Circle radio session, and the live set from Union Chapel, November 2009 (this set was included on the sold out Live CDr released by October Man).

Also, finally, there is now a fully functioning Shop page with shopping cart and PayPal link to buy some of the back catalogue, and also this will be the place to get any new releases first.

On the subject of new releases.... work is almost complete on the new album 'CUT' and it should be available direct from this site in mid-April. The album has 9 tracks lasting about 65 mins, and has been mastered by Mark Beazley (Rothko / Trace Recordings). All copies ordered direct from, and a limited number from Norman Records, will come with a bonus CD 'UN/CUT' with 50 minutes of alternate versions and unreleased material. There will be 150 copies with the bonus CD.

The LP for Tone Float ('In Time This Too Will Fade') is being mastered by Dirk Serries and will be released on clear vinyl in the summer. More news around the time....

Also coming up in the next few months is the 3" cdr 'Heavy With Snow' released by ABGVRD. Copies will be available here.

Gig news:
coming up for April are a few dates in northern France and Belgium:

April 16 – Le Drugstore, Lille
April 17 – le quilit quilit, Bethune
April 18 – plane ari home gigs, Habarcq (with Microphonics)
April 19 – Homey, Antwerpen (with Microphonics)
April 20 – Anthony's, Gent (with Microphonics)

hopefully some UK dates some time too....

that's all for now....