Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Yellow6 end of year news


So, the end of another year draws near and a busy and eventful one it has been.

I played some shows in France, Belgium and Holland in the spring which included one in Lille, viewed by a few people there (including me) as one of the best I have ever played….of course this was the one show on the trip that wasn’t recorded but such is the way of things.

The trip started with my third Plane Ari Home Gig, as ever a great experience, and a recording of one of my rehearsals the afternoon of the gig appears on the Silber free download Christmas compilation. My track was written and recorded on a keyboard remaining at the house after the Library Tapes gig the previous week so thanks to Marc for inviting me to play, Do for the piano and Brian for asking me to contribute to the comp. here’s the details from the Silber newsletter:

“It's called "Six Feet Below the Snow" & I'm pretty stoked about it. Goes all over the map genre wise & some stuff is serious with other stuff being dumb fun. Go to to listen or download it for free. The artist roster is Charles DeMar, Jon DeRosa, Thorn1, Landerim, Miss Massive Snowflake, Goddakk, Origami Boe, Moodring, Remora, Pacific 231, Sibyll Kalff, Yellow6, Lullabier, Feel No Other, Tony Whitlock, Les Marquises, Løzninger, Electric Bird Noise, Parties, & Drekka with Michael Demery Toran. “

During the tour, one show was the ToneFloat tf100 show where Dirk Serries and I played our first and only (so far?) show as Sleep of Reason. This show was recorded and will be released as part of the Sleep of Reason trilogy on tonefloat early 2012 – a very limited 3LP + 10” vinyl set.

The final show of the tour was the Antwerp Live Looping Festival. This show was recorded as audio and video and forms the centrepiece of the Sounds and Moving Pictures CD/DVD set recently released by Luansylum/Editions6.

Also released during 2012 was VALLEY, the second part of the 2 album set with thisquietarmy. The 2CD set of both albums plus additional tracks (bonus from the original sessions, live track, Fear Falls Burning remix) will be released early 2012 with cut price available for anyone who bought both vinyl editions.

Hibernate records released the David Newlyn and Yellow6 ‘Minatures’ 3” cdr in the postcard series and it was the fastest selling of the series so far with all 100 copies going quick. If you missed out you can download it here: for £2. There will be more David Newlyn and Yellow6 recordings released in 2012.

Also for download is the compilation ‘Orphan Songs’ which is free from Bandcamp here:

Later in the year came the highly regarded Larkian & Yellow6 album ‘Offtempo’ released by Basses Frequences, and there are plans for a second collaboration to come in the future.

Lastly , I released the above mentioned Sounds and Moving Pictures CD/DVD set and the latest in a long line of merry6mas CDs, this one being titled ‘Drifting for the Horizon’ and also the first as a pressed CD rather than cdr, but still with hand finished packaging.

For next year? Lots of collaborations, some ongoing work on a film soundtrack, the first in the planned ‘letterpress series’ on Hiberante records – a collaboration with Fraser McGowan (Caught In The Wake Forever) – a mix of field recordings and guitars, and whatever else comes out when I pick up the guitar.

Also to end the year, I have to mention the end of Make Mine Music after 10 fine years and a legacy of great music. The final digital release MM070 is available to download form the MMM website. Unfortunately I missed the deadline for getting a track on it for various reasons, but there’s loads of good stuff from label favourites and mainstays so worth checking out. All MMM releases are now deleted but remaining back catalogue is available from Norman Records, and Y6 releases from me.

Too late for Christmas gifts, but maybe something to spend the Christmas money on…. All of these are still available from the Y6 shop

Larkian and Yellow6 - Offtempo

Thisquietarmy&yellow6 - Valley (LP silver vinyl)

Drifting For The Horizon [merry6mas2011]

Sounds and Moving Pictures



In Time This Too Will Fade


Thanks again for your support in 2012, and huge thanks to all who have shared their music and artwork for this years releases, and to all who have helped or contributed in any way, especially by buying releases which helps keep them coming.

Finally, for those interested in such things, some of my favourite listening of the year has included (not all released this year):

Low – C’Mon

Richmond Fontaine – High Country

A Winged Victory for The Sullen

Two People In a Room

Azusa Plane – Where The Sands Turn to Gold

Tom Waits – Bad As Me

The National – High Violet

Sonic Youth – Simon Werner a Disparu

Steve Reich – WTC 9/11

Kuniko plays Reich

Dangermouse and Daniel Luppi – ROME

Cowboy Junkies – Sing In My Room

Eraas - Eraas

Magic Numbers – the Runaway

Esmerine – La Lechuza

Coldstream – South Island

And still trying to make up my mind about Lou Reed and Metallica!

merry christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Norman Records Reviews

those lovely people at Norman Records have reviewed a couple of the recent reviews and given each of them 5 shiny Norman stars... for 'Merry6mas' I have been referred to as "the Santa of minimal"


Ooh I like this a lot. I played this the other morning and it totally set me up for the day. In a word it’s fucking lovely. OK that’s two words but counting was never my strong point. Larkian is a name from the past who I’ve not heard of in a while but I remember hearing a single by him on Tricycle Evolutif back in 2001 (yes 10 years ago). Yellow 6 you’re all of course familiar with and the pair have teamed up for this collaborative effort on Basses Frequences/Three Four Records. This is one of those file sharing things where artists batter musical tracks too and from across the Internet until an album is born. It features the usual Yellow6 post rock melodies as well with more of a shoegazey vibe running through some of the tracks. There’s plenty of reverb and atmospheric sounds-capes to indulge yourself in as well. It’s drifting and evocative music which works really well. This is a fine collaboration and you should already be getting excited in case they do another one!


Look. It’s Christmas soon and that means that there’s a few definites.... There’s gonna be time off work, family, food, booze, presents and a new Yellow 6 xmas CD. It’ll be sad when these things end and I have to say it’s a thoroughly nice tradition to do a limited release at the end of each year just for the fans in the name of Christmas (said the jew). Drifting For The Horizon is the 1st of these festive releases which isn’t on a CDR and there’s 250 of the buggers so this one shouldn’t last more than 5 minutes. You know what you’re getting with Yellow 6. He’s not gonna win over any new fans with his brand of cinematic instrumental drifty post rock (without the rock) but he’s gonna keep his legions of fans sweet with this 63 minute beastie. It’s lovely and drifty and I don’t really know what else to say about it cos I’ve reviewed about a gerjillion of his CD’s already but he’s one of a handful of artists I can never get enough of. There’s some beautiful guitar work here and it’s an emotive listen! Nice work Mr 6.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

News November 2011


Just a brief follow up to the news of a few weeks back.

All pre-orders for merry6mas2011 and Sounds and Moving Pictures have been packaged and will be mailed tomorrow.

Anyone who hasn’t yet ordered, you can from the website now and all orders will ship out straight away. This includes and orders for merry6mas2011 that are placed through Bandcamp.

so – here’s the highlights again, and various things can be heard at the Bandcamp page (also through Facebook) to stream, download or buy.

Last of all, a couple of re-issues or CD versions are coming up but not until the new year. A different physical release of ‘OLD’ will be released by Cathedral Transmissions, and the DEATH:VALLEY 2CD set will be released by Basses Frequences. More news on them in time….

Thanks for your continued support – it means more than you could know


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sounds and Moving Pictures CD/DVD

just arrived today and pre-orders will ship in a few days. On general release late November

order now from the shop

Saturday, 29 October 2011

merry6mas2011... Bandcamp now

Drifting For The Horizon [merry6mas2011] is available to stream, download (pay what you like) and pre-order the physical release from Bandcamp now.
go to of visit the Yellow6 FaceBook page
Physcial release will be shipping on 24/11/2011

Friday, 14 October 2011

News update October 2012


Welcome to the autumn with a packed news update with some end of year releases from Yellow6.

This year seems to have flown by and has been full of changes but lots of good music. A particular feature for me this year has been that I’ve been involved in a number of collaborations, from the live debut of Sleep of Reason (with Dirk Serries – release due in 2012), the Minatures CD with David Newlyn on Hibernate and the DEATH:VALLEY dyptich with thisquietarmy (CD edition coming soon from Basses Frequences – late 2011 or early 2012). The latest of these collaborations will be released shortly and all the details are below – firstly the Offtempo CD with Larkian, and the Sounds and Moving Pictures CD/DVD including live recordings processed by David Newlyn and video collaboration with Elenziah.

The following releases can be pre-ordered from the web shop now and will be sent out as soon as copies are available. Offtempo will be available any day and Sounds/merry6mas will be shipped late November.

Full details are below of the following releases: (Prices include shipping and are listed as UK/EU/RoW)

Larkian & Yellow6 – Offtempo (CD) – released 18 October 2011

Sounds and Moving Pictures (CD/DVD) – released 21 November 2011

Drifting For The Horizon [merry6mas2011] (CD) – released 21 November 2011

So, without further ado… here’s the full details on the what and the where:

Larkian and Yellow6 – Offtempo

A collaboration between Cyril Monnard (Larkian) and Jon Attwood (Yellow6) with sleeve photography by Christy Romanick

A joint release by Basses Frequences/three:four records BF37/TFR011

Track list:

01. Jazz F2B (4:48)
02. Walz (7:44)
03. Rita (5:11)
04. Untitled3 (6:55)
05. Pool (7:16)
06. E62 (9:38)
07. Séquences inversées (17:26)

Release date 18 October 2011

Some info::

The history of Larkian and Yellow6 traces back to around 2001 when Cyril was running the Tricycle Evolutif record label. He invited Jon to release a 7" single on the label and this, 'Grey' was released early 2002. There were some discussions about a split release at the time but this never came about. Forward to 2009 and Cyril and Jon get back in contact via individual releases on the same labels (October Man, Cathedral Transmissions). Cyril sends a track for Jon to contribute to and the collaboration that has become 'Offtempo' began. After around a year of file exchange, composition and recordings, the first common collaborative effort by Yellow6 and Larkian was ready to find a home.

Neither Larkian or Yellow6 are easily categorised, but both differ from each other. The mixing of the two styles creates something all its own whilst retaining the individual. By using an impressive range of effects and ways to play guitar 'Offtempo' offers various sound textures and landscapes, from shoegaze inspired reverb to atmospheric ambiences or epic post-rock melodies. At times, it is hard to say who played what, which is a good thing, showing it is not just a superposition of two different styles. The music tends towards the melancholy but maintains an air of optimism.

Available now in the web shop priced at £10/11/12 (UK/EU/RoW)

Also available by mail order from Basses Frequences, three:four on CD/ digital download and from all good retailers


Sounds and Moving Pictures

Live in Europe 2011 CD/DVD Set

Recorded live in Europe Spring 2011 at the Live Looping Festival, Antwerp.

Additional live recordings processed by David Newlyn as ‘Comatose with the Season (Pts 1-6)

Joint release by Lunasylum / Editions6 P06S01/E6:06

Release date 21 Nov 2011

Track listing:

Sounds [compact disc]:

00:30 (original on In time This too will Fade)
Plane Ari (new song written during the tour)
Norwest Passage (original on When the Leaves Fall Like Snow)
Comatose With The Season (1-6)

Tracks 1-3 recorded live at ArenbergSchouwburg, Antwerp
Saturday March 5 2011 Live Looping Festival curated by
SjaakOvergaauw Recordings from video by Ronald Mariën
Audience recording by Marc Kokocinzki. Recordings from
two sources mixed by Jon Attwood

Tracks 4-9 processed and edited by David Newlyn from live recordings made by Marc Kokocinzki atWanquetin, Liege, Lille and Paris Feb/Mar 2011.

Moving Pictures [digital versatile disc]:

Antwerp Live Looping video recording and editing Ronald Mariën and Benjamin Van Der Zalm

Drifting – video NiclazErlingmarc (Elenziah Film), soundtrack(s) improvised live in the studio June 2011

Realisation – video by Badhand Film, Realisation from the album Painted Sky (Resonant RESCD022, 2008)

9732 Teaser
- video by Elenziah Film,
soundtrack Telescope Peak from the album Music For Pleasure (Rocket Racer RR011)

Slide Show – photographs from European Tour Feb-Mar 2011 by Marc Kokocinzki and Andre Seesink

SHOP: £12/13/14

Distributed by Shellshock Distribution (UK & Europe) and Sonic Rendezvous (Benelux)


Drifting For The Horizon [merry6mas2011]

Release date 21 November 2011

7 tracks totalling 63 minutes recorded during 2011.

**First time on CD (not CDr) for a merry6mas release**

250 copies in stamped card sleeve with full colour insert

Track Listing:

Long/sad #1

Long/sad #2

A basis for continuum


This is not a cloud



SHOP: £7/8/9

OFFTEMPO is available now from the SHOP page and will be dispatched on receipt of the payment. SOUNDS AND MOVING PICTURES and DRIFTING FOR THE HORIZON [MERRY6MAS2011] are available to pre-order and will be dispatched as soon as available mid-November

That’s all for now….


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Dreamland Records compilation

just a quick message to say that Australia's Dreamland Recordings have a free download compilation available now with an exclusive Yellow6 track "20.1.10_3" among loads of other excellent tracks

get it here:

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Yellow6 News Sept 2011


I hope you have all had a good summer and are ready for the shortening days and lovely colours of autumn.

Here’s a bit of news on future Yellow6 activities.

With all the changes going on around me in the real world, I have no live shows planned at all. That’s not to say there won’t be any but probably not for the rest of this year. There are a number of releases scheduled for the coming months with details below, but first a brief message about the Bandcamp page. Some of you have purchased the compilation ‘Orphan Songs’ from the site which collects together all (I think) of the tracks from singles, compilations etc. from 2004-2010 as a follow on from ‘The Beautiful Season Has Past’ (still available from which did the same for the period 1997-2003. Due to financial reasons I couldn’t do a physical version of this release so it was download only – not a top choice for many but the only practical option. It was priced at £5 for the download but, following someone uploading this to a number of blogs and it being freely available to download, I have taken the decision to make all of the Bandcamp downloads ‘name your price’. There seems little point in charging when it can be taken for nothing from many other sources. I would hope that this may encourage people unwilling to pay to at least take it from the official source.

I apologise to anyone who has already paid for this but it seemed the best thing to do. Also, following a case (possibly related) where the purchaser reversed the PayPal payment after making the download, I’m unsure about my future use of Bandcamp. Comments from anyone with experience would be welcomed.

You can get this, and STHLM here:

So… to the releases:

Larkian & Yellow6 – Offtempo

This full length album recorded as a remote collaboration with Switzerland’s Larkian has been sent for manufacture and will be released jointly by Basses Frequences and three:four records, both of France in the coming months. It is a single CD packaged in a 6 panel card sleeve featuring the beautiful photographs of Christy Romanick.


Also coming from Basses Frequences will be the 2CD edition of the Death and Valley LPs with 2 additional tracks and a Fear Falls Burning remix. This will be available at a discount price to anyone who purchased both LPs.

Sounds and Moving Pictures

This is a CD/DVD set featuring recordings made during the shows in Europe last spring. Centred around the audio and video recordings of the performance at the Antwerp Live Looping Festival, it also has on the audio disc, 40 minutes of processed and manipulated live recordings by David Newlyn. The DVD includes ‘Drifting’, a film by Niclaz Ehrlingmark (Elenziah Film) made for back projection at live shows. The film here is accompanied by two selectable soundtracks which were improvised live to tape at home in July 2011. Also included is the ‘Realisation’ video by Badhand Film for the track taken from ‘Painted Sky’, the trailer for Elenziah Film’s “9732” featuring ‘Telescope Peak’ (from Music for Pleasure) as the soundtrack. Lastly, there is a slide show of photos from the tour.

This will be a joint release between Lunasylum and Editions6 towards the end of 2011.

Split CD release

I have recorded two tracks, ‘Concorde’ and ‘The Start of Our Decline’ for a split CD with Greek artist Egsun to be released on Somehow Ecstatic Records. More news soon…

Sleep of Reason

The trilogy of albums recorded with Dirk Serries (Microphonics, Fear Falls Burning) will be released as a very limited vinyl only set in an edition of 150 copies by Tonefloat Records early in 2012. This set will consist of 3 12” LP for the trilogy, plus a 10” record of the live show for Tonefloat 100 in March 2011. More on this as it comes together.


Last but not least, work is progressing on Merry6mas2011. Currently planned to be a 7 track release running to 50 minutes, this will feature all new recordings made during 2011 and could I guess be regarded as a new album. It will, for the first time for a 6mas release, be a pressed CD not cdr and be in an edition of 250 copies in some sort of hand crafted or hand decorated sleeve, probably similar to ‘close/r’. This will of course be available in time for your christmas celebrations (probably on sale in november)

So, that’s about all for now. Keep up with news on the website or ‘like’ the Facebook page


Thursday, 1 September 2011


all downloads on Bandcamp are now 'let fan name price' due to Orphan Songs being uploaded to numerous blogs for free.
apologies to those who already paid for it but there seems little point in charging any more.

news on upcoming releases coming soon....

Thursday, 4 August 2011

for sale?

bit of a fishing exercise here before i go to eBay.... i'm short of space and have decided to sell my Fender John 5 Triple Tele Deluxe.
this is the guitar I used to record 'When The Leaves Fall Like Snow' and is in the live videos filmed at RoTa also on the website.
New they cost about £750 but i'm open to offers so mail me if you're interested (photos and full info on request)

Monday, 25 July 2011

free stuff

ok, that got your attention... but it's also true.

courtesy of Superspace records, you can download the 2006 ultra limited split CDr with Wilder Gonzales Agreda featuring the Yellow6 track 'Red' here free:


Thursday, 21 July 2011


i have uploaded a few new things to the Soundcloud page from forthcoming releases a live recording

Sunday, 10 July 2011

CINYF close/r review

Close/r is a rather interesting project by Jon Attwood, perhaps known more as Yellow6. A first, unknowledgeable listen to this album will raise many questions that Attwood is kind enough to answer clearly in a short explanation within the album’s booklet. The essence of this project lies in three guitar chords that are repeated endlessly in a specific 7 parts sequence. This loop, ending only after 70 minutes had passed, is escorted by three groups of artists, making it twist, bend and gain new meanings as each track passes. With Attwood as Yellow6, play also – Fraser Macgowan, David Newlyn, Absent without Leave, Konntinent, Kevin Hufnagel, Stafraenn Hakon, Ringinglow, Winterlight, Northern Valentine and Arconic.

The guitar loop itself, ethereal and drifting, stays minimal throughout the entire album. This doesn’t prevent it from being loaded with emotion that only grows with its consistency. The manner in which the different people who take part in this project play their music with Yellow6 varies, of course, and after a while of listening to the soft, delicate loop again and again, one might forget about Attwood’s chords and dive in the different sounds of the participating members instead. The result is beautiful and very touching and channeling its way between experimental music and post rockish, meditative encounters.

The albums greatest power is in the fact that while you might think that this idea can be easily executed in a very bland and boring way, the participants of this project prove beyond doubt that they can create a fascinating creation our of a simple, rigid and strict skeleton. Close/r welds itself into one long track of ongoing meditation and wonder, promising itself a place among the finer creations of Yellow6.

Culture is not Your Friend!

yellow6 interview and review of 'close/r' in Issue 6:

VALLEY LP available now

order from the yellow6 SHOP page, Basses Frequences, thisquietarmy, Norman Records and all good retailers

Sunday, 5 June 2011

brief news update


Just a couple of things to mention…

The David Newlyn and Yellow6 ‘Miniatures’ 3” cdr is released tomorrow by Hibernate Recordings as part of the postcard series. 100 hand numbered copies, it will be available from the Hibernate Store, Norman Records and Stashed Good from midday on 10th June. Get in quick as they will most likely sell fast (all my copies were reserved in advance so I have none I’m afraid)

VALLEY – the second part of the collaboration with Eric Quach (thisquietarmy) has been pressed and will be here soon. Available on silver vinyl and limited black it will be listed on the store page when available. It can be pre-ordered from Basses Frequences now and will be available from all good online stores soon.

The CD/DVD mentioned in the last update is in production and will be a joint release between E6 and Lunasylum. The DVD will include the Antwerp Live Looping performance, a 20 minute film by Niclaz Erlingmark (Elenziah Film) that has been used as a backdrop at recent gigs, with two selectable soundtracks which were improvised and recorded last week, the Realisation video by Badhand Film, and a slide show of photos from the tour. The CD will include 6 tracks of manipulated recordings by David Newlyn using recordings from the live shows. More on that soon…

The Masturbation Goes Cloud CD is now available on Somehow Ecstatic Records featuring me on guitar on one song.

Lastly, I have a live show coming up in Leicester at The Musician on July 12 supporting Her Name is Calla. I’m opening with a 30 minute set. (Please mail me for more info / tickets etc.)



Thursday, 19 May 2011

bit more news


Small update following the news mail… totally missed mentioning a very important release that is available for pre-order / download now.

Available very soon from Hibernate Recordings / Fluid radio with all proceeds going to relief charities for Japan following the earthquake.

Along with many others, it includes a specially recorded new Yellow6 song “Repeat”. (this is not to be confused with the previously released song of the same title from decay:repeat)

Kanshin is a two CD compilation album that presents a collection of sound design work from some of the scene’s finest artists from across the globe. It has been put together to raise money for the current recovery in Japan following March’s earthquake.

As the sensationalist media broadcasters find other things to talk about in the news, a huge recovery operation is still on-going as we speak. Many people have lost everything. So we decided to put together Kanshin so that via Ian Hawgood, 100% of profit from compilation sales will go directly towards the Japan recovery and on-going relief efforts. Ian lives in Japan and his wife is currently working with both the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support organisation (JEARS) in Sendai and surrounding areas, as well as the Direct Help for Victims and Animals Rejected from Shelters in Japan group who are going up to areas which are not receiving government support for food, water, basic supplies, as well as rebuilding and cleaning up. By this means they are able to transport food, clothing and aid directly almost every other weekend and during holidays to areas which are not getting enough or any support. Ian’s wife has also arranged a house as a base in Sendai for volunteers and a temporary home for found animals who are then moved on through JEARS either to foster homes or animal centres. We felt that any funds we can send this way would probably have more of an immediate impact than donating via one of the larger UK charities.

Ian himself has contributed to the compilation in a collaboration with Peter Jørgensen and through 3 hours and some 30 tracks, the line up that comprises this album is surely as exciting as it gets…

Kanshin is curated by Daniel Crossley (Fluid Radio/Fluid Audio/Facture) and Jonathan Lees (Hibernate/Rural Colours), with invaluable assistance from Ian Hazeldine (Cover art), Wil Bolton (Mastering) and Damian Valles (Digital distribution). This release is made possible by the generosity of all of the artists involved

Ships June 10th

CD pre orders available from:

Digital version available via Bandcamp


There will also be another specially recorded new Yellow6 song “And In The Distance” on a compilation from mini50 records (who release the excellent Caught In The Wake Forever EP). Entitled 'After A Long Dream Of Sleep' all proceeds will go to Mercy Copr to aid victims of the earthquake in Japan.

Full track listing is:

1. Matthew Collings - Hraunberg

2. Mirrorzisland - Anonatoll

3. Spokes - Give It Up To The Night (Fieldhead Remix)

4. Cory Allen - Transcender's Theme

5. Yellow6 - And In The Distance

6. Richard A Ingram - Vort Halicon

7. David Newlyn - Stop Motion

8. Talvihorros - Dead Sea Scrolls

9. Chantal Acda - Missing Heartbeat

10. M. Ostermeier - Winsome

11. FiRES Were Shot - Giffords Green

12. Guy Gelem - Recent Waves

13. Christian Eldefors - Daylight

14. Antonymes - Gravity Versus The Pull Of Beyond

15. Glacis - May This Night Never See Morning

More news soon…


All my copies of the Hibernate Postcard EP are now sold on pre-order so any other orders you will have to go to either Hibernate or Cathedral Transmissions


Lastly, I have copies of the second printing of the recent Tonefloat LP “In Time This Too Will Fade”. It is the same lovely clear vinyl as the first press but these come with a silver sleeve rather than red. Available now from the shop page

Sunday, 15 May 2011

News Update May 2011


A bit of a packed news update this time as there are a few upcoming releases to mention, some output from the recent Survey Monkey survey and some general ramblings.

First off some release information:

Yellow6 and David Newlyn – Miniatures

Coming soon from Hibernate Recordings, this is a 3” cdr in the Postcard Series. Features 8 short recordings with piano and computer by david newly, guitar and bass VI by jon attwood.

Limited to 100 copies it will be available from the Hibernate store and I will have a few copies too.

These won’t be on the website as there’s too few and will go on a first come first served basis to people who email.

thisquietarmy & yellow6 – Valley

part 2 of the series following on from Death, this LP will be released by Basses Frequences soon and come on Silver vinyl (320 copies) with a limited run on black (80 copies)

as with Death, it will come with a download code for Bandcamp.

Full info, pre-orders and sound samples here:

I will be getting some copies too – news as soon as I get them

Both LPs will get an autumn release as a double CD with one extra track from the recording session, a live track performed 2 days after the recordings, and a Fear Falls Burning remix.

Larkian & Yellow6

CD album being released by Basses Frequences late summer 2011

On a related note, the Crippled Black Phoenix albums ‘Night Raider’ and ‘The Resurrectionists’ are being reissued as double vinyl editions with extra tracks. I played guitar on a few of the tracks on the Night Raider album, and included on the reissues are additional recordings from the sessions. One of these, King Lupus has me playing guitars and a rare solo! You can hear it for free here:

Also in the works… split LP with Egsun (Greece)

The second run of 100 copies of the tonefloat LP ‘In Time This Too will Fade’ have been made and will be available soon from tonefloat, and maybe elsewhere…

Lastly on the release front, I am considering a cdr/dvdr set of the Antwerp Looping Festival recordings. This will be a limited run on Editions6… more news if/when it becomes a reality

(Please let me know if you would be interested in this as it may be a subscription only release depending on demand)

So, to other matters…

Many thanks to the 83 people who responded to the survey. It’s clarified things a bit about future releases and some highlights are below, along with responses to some of the comments posted.

What music format do you prefer to purchase?

CD 57 %

Vinyl 39%

Two people said cassette and only on for mp3/digital

What formats have you purchased in the last 12 months?

CD 95%

Vinyl 77%

Cassette 31%

mp3/digital 40%

DVD 31%

Have you purchased Yellow6 releases and, if so on which format?

Not purchased 16.7% (this includes a couple of respondents who get promo copies)

CD 77%

Vinyl 37%

mp3 12%

Where did you buy the Yellow6 releases from? 78%

Online retailer 53%

Bandcamp 12%

Record store 17%

Second hand 4%

Ebay (used) 7%

Other: discogs

What is your preferred format for future Yellow6 releases?

CD 62%

Vinyl 32%

Cassette 3%

mp3/digital 6%

dvd 5%

vinyl+CD 32%

What is the most important consideration when buying a Yellow6 release?

Exclusive music 54%

Packaging 12%

Limited edition 10%

For a cd/cdr what is your preferred type of packaging?

Jewel case 13%

Digipak 19%

Digisleeve 21%

Hand made/finished 54%

Eco-friendly 23%

Not bothered 16%

Other comments made (and some responses):

Music is the most important thing (good to hear!)

Packaging should convey the aesthetic of the music – concept (that what I’m hoping for)

Quality over quantity – many people are on tight budgets (true, but I hope I still maintain quality in all I release)

Annoyed at missing out on OLD box as only 6 copies (yes, crazily limited and won’t do that again!)

Should do more live shows (would love to but don’t get many offers and also have a day job so can’t tour much)

More on vinyl for example merry6mas (not practical due to cost)

Like the handmade / limited art editions

Any chance of more vocals as on Melt Inside (not likely but if I find the right vocalist to work with I wouldn’t rule it out)

Hate mp3 (reflected in the small number of people buying them from bandcamp)

Release the mp3 / digital releases as CD (cost is prohibitive and others prefer a smaller volume of releases – try to have a balance)

So, overall you seem to like what I’m doing, I’m getting most things right. mp3/download are not at all popular (not a surprise to me)

CD and vinyl are preferred formats, though some people obviously don’t buy vinyl as I have seen through sales of recent LP releases

Hand made or finished sleeves are preferred to mass produced but don’t make them too limited!

Many thanks to everyone who gave me the feedback and I’ll try to keep doing the things you like and stop the ones you don’t

That’s all for now



p.s. following my change last year to using Mac / Logic for my music, I have a music PC that I no longer use.

If anyone (in UK due to shipping) is interested let me know.

Basics are:

Red Submarine Tower PC

Intel Core 2 2.4 GHz, 2MB Ram

Win XP Pro

Complete with Cubase Studio 4, EMU 0404 USB sound card, Wavelab Essential

Mail me if you want more info