Monday, 16 January 2012

yellow6 news Jan 2012


I hope you had a good holiday season and are surviving January so far.

A couple of bits of news for you to keep sprits up in the long dark days….

A highly recommended watch: The Silent Surgery – a film by Sean Townsend (Somnambulist Red) featuring music by Yellow6 in chapter 1

The Yellow6 track is “Leaves Fall”

And… somehow I managed to miss this off my last few updates, but arriving in the mail from Greece today were copies of the new Yellow6/Egsun split CD “Worth Wasting Time” on Somehow Ecstatic Records. This 4 track CD features two new and exclusive Yellow6 tracks: ‘Concord’ and ‘The start of our decline’ by Yellow6 along with 5 excellent tracks by Egsun.

Some description:

Minimal drone guitar sounds and cool "labradford" like motifs on one hand (yellow6) and quite esoteric minimal music, using cello, music boxes and lots of other instruments on the other (Egsun) .It's released in CD format in 300 hand-numbered copies. The artwork is stamped with an awesome-looking glitter ink on 100% recycled paper cd-wallets.

Available from Yellow6 (in the store shortly) or from Somehow Ecstatic (where you can sample an Egsun track):

Lastly, Sounds and Moving Pictures will be available through Bandcamp in the next few days as a name your price download of the audio CD and physical purchase of CD/DVD

That’s all for now