Friday, 28 August 2015

No Memories, Only Photographs

The time has come, a little earlier than originally planned and the new Yellow6 album is available from today at Bandcamp.

So here’s the important details:

No Memories, Only Photographs CD
Silber Records Silber 201
150 CD copies

This is an 8 track, 64 minute CD (not cdr) packaged in a stencilled black card sleeve, with two full colour inserts featuring the photographs of Dik Ng and Steph Summer, taken at the Sound Pilgrims event earlier this year. 

Here’s some comments on a couple of the tracks from Mark Barton (Sunday Experience, Losing Today)

 ‘return of the saucers’ is old school Yellow6, slow drip entrancement, both measured and elegant all bathed in crystalline kisses and the genteel emotional burn of bitter sweet reflection not to mention touched by the noir purred sleight of hand of  Budd and/Mancini, the mood as ever undercut by a veiled and hollowed romance.

By contrast ‘seal beach’ is adorned by a dreamy texture that softly radiates and shimmers to a more recognisable romantic incline, the mood mellower and distanced by a tranquil calm is delicately dappled and subtly dipped in the expressive colouring of genteel exotic sea breezes which by our reckoning are best served listening to through head cans whilst unwinding yourself of the days deeds whilst watching burning skies fading into the distance.

Also available soon is a very limited 30 copy lathe cut LP as a companion piece.  This LP in cut on heavy black vinyl and comes in a black disco bag with a full size double sided insert.  It features two long exclusive tracks “Beat Them At Their Own Game” and “Photographs On The Piano”, only available in physical form here (they are included in the download of the album from Bandcamp). 
The LP includes a full CD copy of the album.

The LPs are expected to be available towards the end of September, and will be shipped as soon as they arrive.  Due to the UK holiday weekend, it will be put on Bandcamp for pre-order on Friday 04 September.  2 copies will be sold on eBay.
I will apologise in advance for the price of these which is not cheap.  Aside from the cost of the individual cutting of the LP and printing of the sleeve insert, the shipping costs are quite ridiculous so please note this will be £5 UK, £12 EU, £15 rest of world in addition to the selling price.  It is, of course, worth every penny!

Bandcamp links:

So, here’s a link to the videos on YouTube and the whole album can be streamed on Bandcamp and is available for instant download with any purchase.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Lastly but not leastly, I have a rare live appearance in Nottingham:

Here’s the details:
The Church of Sound Presents
Yellow6 / Infinity Curve / Grey Frequency
17 September at 19:30

Lee Rosy's Tea Shop
17 Broad Street, Nottingham

more info and the Fakebook event:


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

new sounds....

as a taster for the upcoming album, there's two tracks up on Soundcloud:

Seal Beach - a track from the CD

Photographs on the Piano - one side of the limited lathe cut LP

The artwork for the CD arrived today and the inlay for teh LP is expected tomorrow.  CD should arrive in a week or so and the LP mid September.

150 copies of the LP and 30 of the LP

Live show for Church of Sound at Lee rosy, Nottingham on 17th September.... more news soon