Monday, 14 July 2014

Summer News 2014


I hope you are enjoying the sun/rain or both wherever your summer is happening.  Here in the middle of England, about as far from the sea as it’s possible to get yellow6 is beavering away slowly on a few things…

First off, I have contributed to the Silber QRD guitarists compilation with an exclusive improv noisey guitar track, in the company of many many fine guitarists.  From the Silber newsletter:

We've finally got the guitarist compilation completed! 55 tracks, 241 minutes, 2388 page ebook of interviews, easily the most massive thing we've put together.  It has a lot of the usual Silber suspects appearing (members of Remora, Electric Bird Noise, Hotel Hotel, Northern Valentine, mwvm, Plumerai, etc.) as well as folks like Aidan Baker (Nadja), Alan Sparhawk (Low), Eric Quach (thisquietarmy), & I could go on forever.  You can go to the website to see the full track listing.
Next up, I have two gigs over the summer.

First is an appearance at the Fairywood Festival in Essex on 9th August.  All info here:

The I play at Fuse Art Space in Bradford on Friday 22nd August : Memory Drawings / Yellow6 / Gerrard Bell-Fife:

The new album….

In a change of plans, the new album will now be released as a limited CD/download by the wonderful Silber label   The CD will be an edition of no more than 200 copies, available through Silber in the USA and Yellow6/Bandcamp for UK/EU.  Digital download will be via Bandcamp/Silber/iTunes…. More on that soon (probably an autumn release)

Lastly, I  have copies of the limited gig edition of Y6XV in special spray stencilled sleeve.  There were only 20 of these and there’s about 10 left.  I also have copies of the Death:Valley 2CD set and the 2LPs Death and Valley in colour vinyl, and the last few copies of the Tonefloat LP in silver sleeve and Sleep of Reason 4LP set, all at special prices (email for info).  Other stuff still available through

Enjoy your summer and more news soon…