Thursday, 17 March 2011

Post-Tour update, video etc.


finally managed to squeeze in a little time after the tour for an update.

gigs went well and had a good trip, thanks mainly to the many people who either organised, promoted, played etc. Special thanks to Marc Kokcinzki (Docteur Adams) for organising, planning, driving, recording, photographing, and being a good friend. Also special thanks to Dirk for the Sleep of Reason experience, Charles for tf100, Sjaak for the Live Looping Festival, Ronald for the live sound and recording, Andre for the photography and many others.

Photos from the trip are up on the website and fakebook page.

There is also a video of the full set from the Antwerp Live Looping Festival here:
This is a 30 minute set where i play 00:30 (from "In Time This Too Will Fade"), Plane Ari (working title - new piece written during the tour), Norwest Passage (from "When The Leaves Fall Like Snow")

all the shows except one were recorded so audio may be shared at some point... of course, as (bad) luck would have it, the one show not recorded was at le Monde Moderne in Lille which a number of people (who had seen me previously) said was my best live performance. i guess it's good in a way that there is no recording to disprove that! :-)

The debut performance of Sleep of Reason (Dirk Serries and myself) at tf100 was very well received. Tonefloat will release the 3LP set later in the year but prior to that there will most likely be a 10" of the live set from tf100 as a taster.

coming soon will be a couple of releases (dates tbc):
David Newlyn and Yellow6 - Miniatures (3" cdr in the Hibernate Recordings postcard series)
Larkian and Yellow6 - Offtempo CD (Basses Frequences)
egsun/Yellow6 split LP
and more....

last few copies of merry6mas2010 are still available (6 left) and there are also the last few of CUT with bonus un/CUT and of course close/r

picked up some good CDs in the lovely Minor Place records in Lille which i've been playing a lot (along with the new Low album of course):
Anna Calvi
Arizona Amp and Alternator
and, one that i loved from the first few notes - Dean McPhee-Brown Bear
also heard Silver Jews Natural Bridge album in there for the first time and it sounded great but i have to track it down on CD...

that's enough waffle for now... hope you enjoy the video.