Saturday, 29 November 2014

do they know it's 6mas time again

Around it comes again – merry6mas time. Merry6mas comes of age hitting the grand old age of 16 this year.  Seems pretty amazing to me that it’s lasted this long as my original ambition as a jusician was to be able to have a record released.  About 16 years and 150 releases later, here we are with the latest merry6mas.  As ever, this is a collection of tracks that, for whatever reason, didn’t get released by other means.  There’s a few tracks recorded specially for this CD, some alternate versions of tracks from ‘Closer to The Sea’, some tracks that didn’t fit with the concept of the album, and the live set from FUSE gallery in Bradford, available in physical format.
The CD is nearly 80 minutes long and comes in a hand stamped card sleeve with a 12 page booklet full of beautiful winter photographs by the wonderful Christy Romanick.  This release again comes courtesy of Silber Records as one of the Silber Christmas Eps (stretching the EP concept a little).
This CD will be available from 30 November 2014 from the yellow6 bandcamp page:
While you’re there, don’t forget that essential Christmas gift for the one you love (or otherwise) with copies of Closer To The Sea Without Moving still available.  Also, there are the last 4 copies of Y6XV (in gig edition sleeve) plus some other lovely CDs.
If you fancy a copy of any of these other releases that aren’t on Bandcamp, email me for details:
In Time This Too Will Fade (clear vinyl LP)
Death:Valley (2CD set, or 2 x colour vinyl LP)
Painted Sky (CD)
Thanks to you all for your support that has made it possible to reach 16 years and still going…

Here’s some nice things people said about Closer To The Sea Without Moving

Experimental band Yellow6 graces us with a new album, Closer To The Sea Without Moving, on North Carolina's Silber Records. The ten tracks combine aspects of drone, shoegaze and post-rock into an artist canvas of lush soundscapes. The music finds each element and texture adding personality to the overall aesthetic. What emerges is an album of sublime taste and beauty.
Floorshime Zipper Boots
emerging from the post rock / space rock / ambient scene Jon Atwood (nee Yellow6) has established himself as one of the foremost purveyors in the art of crafting mood moving widescreen soundscapes…. as ever the string strokes exude a touch of finite serene elegance, The set though is dominated beautifully by the five part ‘closer to the sea’ suite, here Atwood comes into his own rifling through as where the lighthouse’s old memories, the centre point being the delicately harnessed ‘part 2’ – it’s here that Atwood’s mastery of intimacy and the channelling of moods comes into exacting focus, from the opining grace and carefree motifs that speckle its introduction to the storm lashed brutality of the conversation between the victim and perpetrator at 8.27 wherein the onset of feedback ruptures suddenly threaten with dooming consequence, between these polar extremes the lighthouse’s sense of pride,. All said we here are quite smitten by the demurring beauty of the Mancini meets Vini O’Reilly spectral detailing that dapples the fragile grooves of the mellowed ‘red candy’ which only falls into runners up spot at the emergence of the gorgeously serene Fahey schooled ‘sleet day’ – exquisite as you’d rightly expect.
The Sunday Experience

a very mellow, mellifluous and somber sort of album, with a big emphasis on an ambient sound.   If you enjoy the calming, soothing ambient sketches of Brian Eno then you will be right at home with this latest release by Yellow 6.
~ Kent Manthie, Independent Review

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