Sunday, 15 June 2014

Y6XV Reviewed - limited edition available

many thanks to Beach Sloth for the review below:

 yellow6 creates beautiful sky-gazing music on “Y6XV”. While it may try to pass itself off as “shoegaze” there is too much hope within these songs to let them simply stare at the ground. Here the guitar soars without a care. The melodies are clear-eyed in their determination to evolve. Gradually they do with extreme care and patience. Slowness is a major feature of many of the pieces on here and it is wonderful. A lack of speed means the songs are able to become graceful, even grand in their elaborate presentations. 

                “bright skies” begins the album in the best way possible. Aspects of the work conjure up images of Stars of the Lid at their most rock-oriented. “falcon one” is brilliant. Texture-wise it is incredibly appealing. Distortion becomes the anchor upon which everything else rests. With the distortion providing the support the guitars gently linger above. Particularly brilliant is how the distortion melts away to reveal the beauty. Such a carefully laid out piece it is a highlight of the album. On “sleep day” yellow6 brings in sparse drumming in an almost slow-core song.

                “summershine” starts to bring the album to a close. Starting out with an incredibly aggressive sound it focuses on how the song loses the energy and mellows out into a calming gentle lullaby by the end. “all fives” is by far the most ambitious song on the entire album. Closing things off with a summary of everything that preceded it, it grows loud before experimental impulses bring it to its gentle conclusion. “Y6YV” is a tender sweet album full of colorful glorious melody.

A limited edition of Y6XV was made for the recent live show in May 2014 in London - 20 copies in special handmade spray paint stencilled sleeves.  Some of these are left and will be on the Bandcamp site in the next few days.

The next Y6 release will be a download/limited CD released by Silber....more on that soon

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